2015, Lecture at Summer School European Languages and Culture, University of Amsterdam
I gave a lecture about my Ph.D. research on the oral transmission of folk songs during the Summer School of the department European Languages and Culture at the University of Amsterdam, aimed at last year high school students.

2015, Radboud University of Nijmegen
I taught two classes in Makiko Sadakata's MSc class on Natural and Artificial Music Cognition at the Artificial Intelligence department in Nijmegen, covering several computational models for music perception and cognition, and symbolic music analysis to implement such models.

2014/5, University of Amsterdam
I co-developed the syllabus to the MA class Introduction to Cognitive Musicology with Makiko Sadakata and Ashley Burgoyne, and taught classes on Music Information Retrieval, and analysis of symbolic and audio music data with tools such as music21 and SonicVisualizer.

2013, University of Amsterdam
I taught three courses in the MA class Introduction to Cognitive Musicology, on analyzing music using python and music21, and how I apply these techniques to my own research.

2012, Amsterdam University College, Amsterdam
In Inge Ploum's MA class on Multimedia and Cybernetics, I gave two tutorials investigating the concepts of input / output / feedback using synthesizers.

2011, de Waag, Amsterdam
Electric Whistle Workshop at Craft explores the Machine : The Electric Whistle is a small toy instrument which can be built in a short space of time, from just a few components. Beeps and crackles can be played by blowing the whistle from different angles. Because the building and playing is so simple, it is an ideal way to experiment with electronic sounds and basic circuitry.

2011, Erasmus College, Zoetermeer
Light Wall: Students of the Erasmus College made a light composition for the art piece lichtmuur of the visual artist Rein-Jelle Terpstra. This was approached through analogies with patterns and structures found in music, which were translated to visual representations in the light installation.

2011, Patterns and Pleasure Festival, Amsterdam
Enactive Spaces: A variety of space/sound installations were be created as a collaboration between the workshop participants, using Max/MSP, SuperCollider and Marije Baalman's SenseStage.

2011, ISEA, Istanbul
Weird/Wonderful Street Fair: in this mixture of collective art piece, workshop and intervention, young Istanbul residents were shown how to design their own personalized objects from electronics, tin foil, tape, wood and other materials.

I was supported by a STEP beyond travel grant:
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2011, NIME, Oslo
Mapping Everything Else: the question as to what functionality new instruments should provide, how they should react to gestures, and what sounds they should produce, is investigated in a non-technological manner.

2011, Digital Art Lab, Zoetermeer
Soundmachines: teenagers were invited to experiment with electronics to build simple synthesizers and a light organ. The workshop's teaching method through clear manuals and reoccurring opportunities to show and exchange ideas stimulated creative engineering and peer learning.