In different contexts, the various performances and exhibitions reflect the power of sonic material to evoke motions and emotions. A reoccurring theme is the relationship between real and virtual spaces.

2014, SoundRoots - Sound Installations, Utrecht
As part of the Soundlings collective, I helped create a sonig link between different public gardens in Utrecht by means of sound. The concept for SoundRoots was developed in collaboration with Peter Ablinger and Gaudeamus, and was motivated by our desire to direct the visitors' attention in the gardens not only to the visual experience of plants, but also to the sonic world of the gardens, both created, real and imaginative. In particular, I worked on the Growing Ivy sound installation, which took its inspiration from the movement of climbing plants during their growth. Using a set of 20 speakers and mp3-players, I created a pergola of sound.

2011, Fashion – Dance Performance, Zoetermeer
Mannequins come to life: an interactive dance performance in which music is manipulated through Wiimotes attached to the dancers' bodies. The music refers the listener to pop songs but is ‟not quite right”; just as the dancers' jutty movements the sounds seem to embody a mimickry of life while being essentially artificial.

2011, elive Festival and Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht
(I am) Floating in a Room: the question of privacy and publicity, intimacy and estrangement is investigated in this sound installation featuring a multitude of ‟bugs” suspended by balloons. These little microphone transmitters pick up sounds that visitors make – intentionally or nonintentionally – and feed them to a sound system which distorts the sounds in time and space, and changes states of quiet and noise.

2007, University Players, Hamburg
Duck by Stella Feehily: a drama on growing up, belonging and (in)dependence, which is reflected in the sound design that I was responsible for.

2006, Kettle's Yard Concert Series, Cambridge
The Land of a 1000 Autumns: An electroacoustic piece of recorded and progressed sounds. The piece was distributed to four channels live.

Land of a 1000 autumns by duchessigthorn