Programming has been one of my core interests as a means of controlling sound in as much detail as possible. In the course of my different projects, I have worked extensively with Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Mathematica, Matlab, html, various C dialects, python and R.

2015, Melodic Occurrences
A collection of Python modules to find occurrences of melodic segments in symbolic music representations, using different similarity measures. Link to project on Github

2011, Reverberation Instrument
A software allowing control of reverberation characteristics through OSC. The control paradigms were based on perceptual categories empirically gained in my Master research. The implementation was done in SuperCollider.

2010, LiSa VST
A prototype for a possible implementation of the STEIM live sampling software LiSa as a VST plugin. The implementation was achieved in C++.

2004, Flow Simulation in an Organ Pipe through Finite Differences
A tool to visualize and auralize the turbulent flow in an organ pipe based on the finite difference method. This project was implemented in Matlab.